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Outdoor porcelain pavers in Orlando

One of today's interior design trend is to integrate indoor and outdoor spaces to generate a more seamless transition from one space to another. This generates a cohesiveness of spaces that were traditionally designed to be contrasts of each other.

The tile industry has evolved and adapted to this design trend. A 2cm (3/4") thick porcelain tile has been developed by the most innovative and avant-garde factories in the world to provide architects, designers and end users to create this seamless transition from indoor to outdoor spaces and vice versa. Aside from having all the required COF ratings for outdoor usage, this 2cm porcelain product is the most versatile in the market. Its thickness gives it a tensile strength that allows it to withstand traffic even when the subfloor is not completely solid and stable such as concrete. It can be installed directly on grass, gravel and sand. Additionally, this tensile strength generated by its thickness allows it to be installed on a raised pedestal system that is height adjustable and has a 5% pivot head which provides leveling benefits.

Floors and Tiles in Orlando is proud to carry many of these products in stock and are available now. Visit one of our showrooms to learn more about these products.

Here is one of the collections that incorporates the 2cm porcelain paver into its line up:


by Italgraniti

Made in Italy

An authentic soul that reveals the natural beauty of Burlington stone from the North of England. The fossils, stippling, grains and vein patterns: every tiniest mineral feature, reproduced with absolute accuracy, helps to generate a surface of stunning harmonic beauty.

Natural contrasts 5 exquisite colours are ideal for interpreting the large public spaces of contemporary architectural projects. From heavily used areas to the most intimate interior design, Nordic Stone decorates with a disarming elegance.

Simply elegance The 80x160 sizes combine with the three-dimensional Fibre module to create original, striking associations. Walls and floors express the warmth of matter and modernity.

Exquisite surface The “satiny honed” surface is an example of flawless elegance: the surface, soft and silky to the touch, generates subtle reflections, evoking all the depth and beauty of the inspiration stone.

Unique Business Lounges The two indoor surfaces decorate space with an ideal blend of strength of material and delicate chromatic harmonics.

Outfloor20: freedom for outdoor space The Nordic Stone collection of surfaces is complete with all the trims required to define every architectural detail. Tough, expressive and tactile: Outfloor20 is the easy-to-install, frostproof drive-over module that completes gardening design and meets all public outdoor decoration needs. The modules 20 mm thick complete a functional, versatile collection, extend application potentials and mean there are no limits to architectural design.

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